Welcome to TLC! 

We are local, experienced and certified teachers ready to help each child reach their fullest potential.

Our Mission Statement

  • Understanding and meeting the academic needs of each learner
  • Providing differentiated instruction using research-based teaching methods within the state standards
  • Creating a nurturing, supportive environment
  • Developing reading comprehension and fluency, word work skills, mathematical mastery, and writing skills to promote academic success
  • Collaboration with parents, educators, and other professionals to understand a student’s strengths and needs in order to design specialized instruction and apply helpful strategies

Our Services

Small Group Learning

In our Small Groups, young students will be practicing reading/reading readiness, writing and math while interacting with peers and focusing on social skills. Students will review and practice the state standards in a fun, social atmosphere.   {Examples of groups: Friendship Skills, Academic Readiness, Making Words, Handwriting-Fine Motor, Summer Practice, and more.  Stay in touch as we are always adding new groups!)

Individual Instruction/Tutoring

Individual Instruction is tailored to meet the needs of each child. TLC teachers will use assessments and collaborate with parents and classroom teachers.   We support Reading/Reading readiness, Writing, Word Work, and Mathematics.  We also offer specialty instruction which includes Fine Motor-Handwriting as well as English Language Learner instruction.

Handwriting-Fine Motor Instruction

In our Small Groups, young students will be practicing fine motor and handwriting skills while interacting with other students and focusing on social skills.  Students will also participate in multi-sensory activities in a fun, social atmosphere. Individual Instruction also available.

English Language Learners 

English Language Learners will develop both academic and social language skills.  Academic activities will focus on phonemic awareness, vocabulary across content areas, text comprehension, and fluency in speaking, listening, writing, and reading.  To build social language, our small groups will role play real-life situations to practice both verbal and nonverbal communication.

School’s Out Workshops

School may be out but the learning doesn’t have to be!  We offer half and full day workshops targeted to make learning fun!  Students will not only practice the state standards, but will do so in a creative, social atmosphere.

Parent Workshops

We are here to support parents in the academic, social and emotional areas of parenting.  Workshop sessions offer parents and caregivers an opportunity to:

  • meet our teachers, other parents and caregivers,
  • share concerns about children and family life,
  • educate and learn about resources available for children and young adults
  • learn more about children and positive parenting


“Just learned that one of the tutors was my daughter’s kindergarten teacher last year at Orchard Hill! She made a huge difference tutoring my daughter last summer and gearing her up for first grade. My daughter went from struggling with reading to now reading above expectations. I look forward to enrolling my younger two children in TLC’s programs when they’re older!” -Tina J., parent

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