Making Words



In our Making Words group, students will participate in fun, hands-on, standards based activities.  Activities and strategies will help bridge the gap from sound identification to reading and writing simple words.  

The group meets 2x/week (either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) between July 8 and August 8 for a total of of 10 sessions.  Each session is 50 minutes long with approximately 2-5 students.  Optional homework will be given.  Since many students travel and attend various activities, we fully understand that students may miss some classes.  This is considered in the curriculum and the rates.  

Students will:
~Manipulate letters and sounds to create words
~Practice beginning and ending sounds
~Practice and use Sight (Tricky) Words
~Apply word strategies while reading (if appropriate)

Montgomery location (189 Wall Street, Princeton)
~Mon/Wed @ 2:30pm Register here!

Pennington location (300 S. Main St, Pennington)
~Tu/Th @4:30pm Register here! -only 1 spot left!

Early Bird Registration: $424 through June 18
Full Price: $449

$25 off Early Bird Deadline:  JUNE 18  (Please use code: EARLYBIRD25 upon registration)

Limited spots available!

Don’t see a group that fits your schedule?  Click here to give us your available days and times and we can do our best to accommodate you!   We are always adding new programs to help meet the needs of our TLC students and families.