TLC’s 10 Reasons a Summer Teacher Can Help

“Wahoooo, school’s out!” Everyone seems excited for this time of year and while parents, teachers and students do love it…learning loss does occur if we aren’t preventative.  All children face challenges in school at various times during their educational development (confidence building, transitional periods, specific academic subjects, etc.).   While there are activities you can do with your own children that will help, a professional teacher (tutor) can provide just a little extra boost over the summer and/or during the school year.  This will help your child feel confident starting back at school in the fall.  As parents, we desire to bolster our children’s love of learning, and here at TLC we all are dedicated to our students and their future success.  Below are 10 different reasons why your child might benefit from extra help or someone to keep them on track while school is not in session.

  1.      Builds Confidence and Self-Esteem
  2.      Helps with the Common Core Standards
  3.      Helps Establish an Early Foundation
  4.      Offers Strength-Based Training
  5.      Supports One-on-One Learning
  6.      Transitions a Move to a New Location
  7.      Gives Your Child Permission to Struggle
  8.      Helps Maintain Acquired Skills During the Summer
  9.      Eliminates the Parent-Child Homework Wars
  10.      Opportunity for Another Role Model and Positive Influence

Finding the right teacher/tutor can take time.  Ask your friends for recommendations and don’t be afraid to ask questions when you do connect with a teacher.  Stay positive and know there are plenty of teachers ready to help you and your child!   

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