TLC’s 9 Tips to prepare your child for standardized tests

“Hooray, standardized tests are coming!” said no parent ever.  While none of us (yes, including teachers) are excited about it, we all want our students to be prepared and successful.  Below are nine different ways to help you prepare your child and boost their confidence levels for an optimum testing experience this year.

  1.  Make sure that your child gets plenty of rest each night during the testing week.
  2.  Make sure that your child eats a healthy breakfast and lunch on testing days.  
  3.  Talk to your child about taking tests. Offer advice and tips that worked for you
  4.  Limit television viewing and video games during the week of testing.
  5.  Stay positive about testing and encourage your child to do his/her best each day of testing.*
  6.  Be sure your child arrives to school on time each day.
  7.  Gently support and encourage your child to do their best.  (“You can only do your best.”)
  8.  Practice simple breathing exercises to help calm your child.  This is great to do before school and during school day. Remind them that they can use these exercises during the test. **
  9.  Practice simple yoga with your child.***

Standardized tests can be stressful for students, teachers, and parents.  

Try these tips in effort to relieve some of the anxiety and empower your child to reach his/her fullest potential.  With support from school and home, your child can have a great testing experience this year.   We would love to hear your strategies too!  Send us a message or tag us on Facebook to let us know what works in your home as you prepare for these tests. 

*Check this out for encouraging notes for your child:

** For simple breathing exercises, visit:

***(For yoga ideas, visit:


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