TLC’s Tips to Help Your Child Develop a Growth Mindset

Ambition, achievement and happiness all correlate with personal growth. Kids with self-limiting attitudes will tend to be shy and nervous when accepting new challenges. It is important to break these habits early and develop a positive, self-motivating attitude towards life and all of its challenges. A growth mindset will help a child be the best person they can be. Here are some tips to remember when helping your children develop a personal growth mindset.

  • Recognize effort over success

It is important to recognize a child’s effort, so they don’t become discouraged. You cannot control an outcome of success, but you can acknowledge all of the hard work they dedicated and encourage them to try again, and never give up. It is better to try and fail then to never try at all. Success is driven by effort not natural ability.

  • Model “Growth Mindset” behavior

Let your kids see you make mistakes and learn from then, staying persistent with difficult tasks, or even learning something new. You are your child’s biggest motivator and influence. What they see you do and overcome will only show that everyone is human, even mom, and challenges only make us stronger.

  • Replace words like “failing” to “learning”

Failing tends to be viewed as a harsh word. Failing is extremely discouraging and could cause a child to never attempt something new again. Using learning instead of failing will encourage a child to look back at what went wrong and learn for the next time to one day achieve their goal. Your child might not have failed but they learned to do better next time and that is what is important.

  • Emphasize growth over speed

Not every child will learn at the same rate as their peers. It is important to recognize and celebrate growth as it occurs no matter how small, your child is improving. With growth comes times of mistakes and setbacks.

  • Provide regular opportunities for reflections

It is great to talk with your child about what they learned at the end of the day, what they enjoyed doing and what they struggled with. Regular reflection will put things into perspective about what a child really needs to focus on to become the best they can be, weather its being more positive, dedication more time to math or playing more with friends. Reflecting at the end of the day will give a child a new goal for tomorrow.  

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